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Estate Planning and Probate

Together, we will plan your estate and end of life instructions. There are a variety of objectives and concerns that we can address. We will draw up documents that may include a will, trust(s), Durable Power Of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will. Brandte Law also stands ready to assist executors probate estates.



Elder Law

In addition to the Estate Planning activities above, we can also assist with special issues facing elder adults. Brandte Law will help with governmental benefits like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The firm is also very concerned with elder abuse, both physical and financial. Note that a thorough estate plan can help avoid many elder issues.







Durable Powers of Attorney/

Advance Directives






Elder Law


A personal Message from Attorney John Brandte

Welcome to Brandte Law, PLLC.

The fact is that engaging with a lawyer can be uncomfortable. It is bad enough if you choose to hire a lawyer to accomplish something you want to do like buy a home or establish an estate plan. It is all the worse if you find yourself the object of a civil lawsuit or, worst of all, you have been arrested. For many, dealing with a lawyer is like I feel when I take my car to a mechanic: I never know when I am getting good, fair service, or am being billed for unnecessary things or being over-charged.

My goal at Brandte Law, PLLC is to provide effective counsel with minimal doubts and anxiety. You and I will do that by establishing an accurate picture of where you are, what your options are, the likely outcome of those options, and, all things considered, how you choose to proceed. I have seen attorneys who are legal processors and those who are achievers. Brandte Law will vigorously work to achieve your best possible outcome within legal and ethical bounds.

If you have estate planning goals or estate issues, need planning or protection as an older adult, or need help with a criminal matter, call or 


write to me. Let’s get together and review your options. Our first in-person or telephone conference is at no charge.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your legal goals.

All the best,

John Brandte Attorney at Law 603-856-0830 Office

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